Only ten this time, trying to go for lesser known games while the previous video covered the popular ones.

Wild Guns
Soldiers of Fortune/Chaos Engine
Jurassic Park, Part 2: The Chaos Continues
Strike Gunner STG
Super Ninja Boy

Street Racer
Micro Machines
Tetris Battle Gaiden (Super Famicom)

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  1. For some reason I really liked the "have a great rest of your day" sign off.

    It was a simple, friendly sign off. Wasn't trying to be clever or sarcastic. Which is fine too. I'm typing too much. Too late. Don't believe in backspace. Have a great rest of your day.

  2. King of Dragons & Sonic Blast Man 2 should definitely be on one of these lists. You mention Knights of the Round in the 1st video, but I think both (especially King of Dragons) are superior.

  3. great list. how i never heard of some of these is beyond me. tetris battle gaiden looks great! i guess as it's only a super famicom release is why i never heard of it.. shame it didnt get a us release, ill have to hunt that one down. im still pissed i sold my wild guns! regardless good list and variety of what seems like some overlooked gems. 


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