The BEV CARDO venture was born out of my love of home decorating and creating beautiful spaces. In 2004 I had completed the building and decorating of our new family home and with no other projects in sight, I began to get that creative itch. I waited for my daughter, Kristin, to come home for winter break. Then sitting at the kitchen table one day, I ran the idea by her, “how would you like to team up with me?” That’s when the fun began as we started planning a new space to create. It would be a boutique-style store featuring home furnishings and more! As we combined our separate tastes and talents, Kristin and I proved to be a winning team. We created a place that was colorful, fun, and had an energy that kept drawing people back! Kristin has since moved on to a career of her own in graphic design, however, she continues to do all of our design work, including our logo, website, print and promotional pieces.

In the summer of 2011, my customers learned that as the doors of my store were closing, other doors were opening for me. Going in a new creative direction, I began attending F.I.T. to become certified in Image Consulting. With that, I also decided to represent the Carlisle/PerSe clothing line, also based out of NYC. These ultra-chic and super sophisticated clothes are presented in trunkshow style four times a year to a select group of clients, by private appointment.

Now as Summer '12 approaches, I am pleased to announce that I have completed my certification at F.I.T. and am now a member of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International). I have also achieved the noteworthy status of becoming a First-Week Seller for Carlisle, which means that my clients are the first to see, first to buy, and first to be seen in this exclusive line! I am very excited to be able to offer this kind of service to my clients.

Where do we go from here? Plans for 2013 include transforming the BEV CARDO building into our Carlisle/PerSe Showroom, along with our Image Consulting offices. Our front room will be our BEV CARDO Boutique, where we will feature jewelry, accessories, handbags/clutches, and all other "must-haves!" Stay tuned . . .

54 Montauk Highway, Quogue, NY 11959    631.902.5679